Focusing on six key areas can help ensure your project is a dream and not a dud

If you’re like most folks, when it comes to any kind of home repair or replacement, you go through a familiar thought process:

Thought 1: Do we really need to do anything? It’s not that bad/harmful/shock-inducing, is it?

Thought 2: Okay, so maybe it needs to be fixed, but we could probably do it ourselves, right?

Thought 3: All right, so we can’t do it ourselves, but the fire department didn’t have to act all snooty about it.

Thought 4: How do we make sure we get somebody qualified who knows what they’re doing?

Fortunately, when it comes to hiring somebody for a home improvement project concerning the wiring, outlets, or other electrical components, finding the right company isn’t too difficult. Just make sure you do these six things:

Read the reviews

You know how you looked at 87 reviews before you bought your toaster? The same due diligence should be given to your electrical project. Read what previous customers have said about the company to see if they’re happy with the work and the general overall experience.

Talk to different companies

It may be tempting just going with the first company you come across online, but this can be a mistake. It’s important to get estimates from at least a few companies, which will give you a good idea of what to expect when it comes to expenses. This will also let you know if a company’s prices are too good to be true, or perhaps one is trying gouge you. Also, be sure to ask about the timeline for completion, as well as any guarantees or warranties.

Don’t just focus on the hourly rate

Electricians are highly skilled individuals (not to mention, extremely good-looking), so their rates reflect their abilities. While the hourly charge may seem high, it’s important to remember that the more knowledgeable and experienced they are, the quicker the work will be finished. A low hourly rate may seem great, but what good is it if it takes twice as long to get the job done?

Get some references

To go a little beyond the reviews, consider asking for references. A company should be able – and eager – to offer them to you so you can hear it from the horse’s mouth what it was like to work with this company. And be sure to ask the magic question: Would you hire them again?

Ask about experience

For the most part, the electrical components in houses are pretty similar. But when you’re talking about a commercial building, this is when things can vary widely. If it’s your business that needs to be worked on, you have to know you are hiring a company that has experience with your systems.

Check the paperwork

Pretty much all home improvement professionals need to have a license to legally do their job, so don’t be afraid to ask to see it. Oh, and make sure it’s current. On top of that, inquire about insurance.  If a worker were to get hurt while at your home or business, you need to know that the company carries workers’ compensation insurance. If a worker’s misstep leads to damage to your building, you want to be sure that they carry liability insurance.

Hiring an electrical contractor is a big decision, so make sure you give it the attention it deserves. And to find out how Universal Electrical fares in all of the above areas, feel free to reach out. You can call us at 954-792-5444 or send a message through our online contact form