The right lighting can do the trick

It’s pretty fair to say that we’re living in uncertain times. You know things are wonky if you have to think twice about heading down to the grocery store or taking your kids to the park. This is why security – in many different areas – is a big concern for most people these days. And while we can’t control everything, we can certainly help ensure that our homes are as safe as possible.

There are many ways to fortify your home. An alarm system may be standard, but there are several other creative solutions to make you feel more secure. One area that can be a huge improvement in safety is lighting. You probably already have some outdoor lights, but augmenting and upgrading what you currently have and making some additions can offer real peace of mind.

Why install security lighting at your home?

Okay, for the most part, the answer to this one is pretty obvious. The more light you have on and around your home, the less likely it is that any wrong-doers can lurk in the shadows. This is especially important during the fall and winter months when there’s not as much daylight.

But there’s another important reason for good exterior lighting: personal safety. If you have to go to work before the sun comes up, or you often work late, your dark property could be a bit of a minefield. This is especially true if you have things like lawn ornaments or decorative rocks in the yard. And if you have kids, there’s almost certainly something lying around that’s just begging to be tripped – or driven – over.

Lighting options

There are a variety of different types of security lighting to consider, including:

  • Floodlights. As the name implies, with floodlights, lots of light gets flooded over a big space. While they will certainly help illuminate your yard, you have to be sure that the fixtures are angled properly. If not, you may have some angry neighbors singing a Bruce Springsteen song.
  • Landscape lights. In addition to helping with security, landscape lighting can improve the look of your property. This is an excellent way to light up walkways and the driveway, as well as trees and other natural or man-made amenities. And they’re versatile, so they can be mounted in the ground or on your house or a different structure.
  • Lamp posts. Maybe you want to go a little old-school with your lighting? Adding some lamp posts or surface-mounted posts can add a nice rustic touch to your home, as well as provide very good illumination.

Controlling the light

Once you’ve deciding which types of lights to go with, you’ll need to think about controlling them. Here you also have a lot of choices, such as:

  • Motion sensors. If you don’t want your lights on all the time, motion sensors could be the best option. Just keep in mind that in addition to people, they could be set off by things like animals, wild or otherwise.
  • Timers. Sure, you can try to remember to turn the lights on, but why create this needless chore in your life? With timers, they’ll go on automatically. 
  • Photocells. Photocells are like smarter timers, as they will turn the lights on when it gets dark. And when the sun comes out, they will then turn them off.

Now that you know about the different options for security lights, it’s time to think about installing them. This is where we come in. No matter what you decide to go with and where you want to put them, our pros will make the installation process easy. Get in touch with Universal Electrical at 954-792-5444 or just drop us a line through our contact form.