Time is money. Read these pro tips to get back to business sooner rather than later.

Key Takeaways:

  • Scheduled downtime can be efficient when contractors and customers collaborate
  • Pre-planning around operating hours can significantly reduce downtime
  • Businesses must hire qualified contractors who care about quality work, not just being quick

Downtime can be a license to chill for most employees. It’s a different story for business owners. Even minimal unexpected downtime can be devastating for finances, productivity, and customer relations. The expected downtime that accompanies most electrical installation and maintenance is far less stressful because you can plan for it.

Sure, scheduled shutdowns can still sting, but one study found they’re 35% less painful than unscheduled ones. The same study also highlights the common mistake of thinking any kind of time hit to your business must – or even can – be avoided.

Downtime happens. Trying to dodge it altogether only creates bigger problems. That’s why it’s essential to hire a team like UES; professionals with decades of electrical experience who understand that the clock is ticking. We get the job done right the first time so you can resume operations ASAP!

Pre-installation/maintenance planning

This is where contractors’ and customers’ teamwork shines. Businesses knows their operational processes. The contractor is the electrical expert. Their combined knowledge ensures the following is well planned:

  • Clearing the installation area to give the contractor room
  • Notifying staff of any health and safety requirements during installation and maintenance
  • Assessing if staff can work ahead of deadlines, making downtime less impactful on productivity
  • Prioritizing work in order of severity and influence on wider operations (a failing HVAC, for example, can cause major problems for people and equipment everywhere onsite)
  • Warning customers about downtime, then sharing the timeframe given by the contractor

These steps lay the foundations for efficient work and help prevent prolonged outages. The next step is deciding when it all takes place.

Choosing the right time for electrical work

The ideal scenario is while your business is closed (after hours and weekends if possible). The second-best situation is during off-peak hours. Florida-based business owners are used to being closed or taken offline by storms and floods. Scheduling downtime ahead of such severe weather can turn a statewide shutdown into a productive installation and maintenance period.

Businesses could also schedule downtime during public holidays, particularly big ones like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day, assuming their business model allows it. Once you’ve picked your time, you must find an electrical contractor with two particular abilities.

Efficiency and skilled execution

Did you hear the one about the job interviewee who put “fast at math” on their resume? The employer asked what 57 x 18 was, and the interviewee immediately answered “288”. When the employer told him that wasn’t even close, the applicant replied, “No, but it sure was fast.”

Any electrical contractor can claim to work quickly. You want to find one who works fast and well. There are a few ways to do this. First, an experienced electrician won’t give any kind of time estimate until they’ve fully appraised your current electrical situation and even then, they’ll tell you that the unexpected occasionally happens.

Secondly, they’ll present verifiable experience applicable to doing what you need done, and will make their service skills transparent (just like we do). This proven work history means a customer can trust that contractor’s judgment if they say a job can be completed in a given timeframe. That trust creates a realistic downtime window businesses can plan around.

Lastly, the best contractors treat installation and maintenance with the same combination of professional care and deadline awareness. Whether you’re a small business needing HVAC help or a multinational corporation requiring data center renovations, quality teams will make your safe return to productivity their top priority.

Using the latest technology and techniques

Modern technology and advanced methods help today’s electricians install or repair efficiency while maintaining quality service and safety. Here are some futuristic tools you might see:

-Wireless inspection cameras

These let contractors quickly peer inside walls, up and down shafts, and around corners. They can slip in via small gaps to transmit data, which means punching big holes on your premises (and the subsequent repair and cleanup time) is a thing of the past.

-App-controlled circuit mappers

Gone are the days when electricians had consulted out-of-date or inaccurate electrical records or deciphered poorly labeled electrical panels. Today, circuits can be found in a flash thanks to mappers that plug into receptacles to locate and develop a digital picture of onsite every circuit and outlet.

-Exoskeletons (seriously)

Electrical installation and maintenance are physically demanding work. Once upon a time, it could only go as fast as bodies allowed. Modern contractors can function as cyborgs thanks to the EXO-O1 exoskeleton, which helps handle the strain of overhead electrical work. Less stress on common fatigue points means contractors can work stronger longer without tapping out.

Electricians may also recommend a Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) kit to the business owner (here’s one example). This will help them comply with OSHA standards for protecting workers from hazardous energy sources. That’s another hallmark of a good contractor: they protect the customer even after the job is done.

Post-installation support and proactive maintenance

An electrical job is only really “over” for the customer. The electrical contractor you hired should consider it a work in progress because all electrical systems and equipment require diligent maintenance and eventual repair or replacement.

Make sure the team you hired serves you after the job is done. They can answer any questions you have about the performance of your systems and provide maintenance or repairs to keep things running smoothly long-term.

Call UES for the quickest, quality work

Our 20 years in business, we’ve built relationships with many business sectors throughout Southern Florida because they know we minimize or eliminate downtime wherever possible. 

The steps we’ve shared today highlight how fast and friendly our team can be with solving any installation, maintenance, or power issues. Contact us for a free quote!