These three upgrades will save you both energy and money

Been stuck at home? If you’ve been fortunate enough to be able to keep working, it may have come as a bit of a shock at first, especially if this meant setting up a makeshift office in your bedroom or dining room. But, after you realized that your daily commute was now significantly shorter and you didn’t even have to put pants on, maybe you embraced the idea.

Of course, if you also have a spouse at home (whether they’re working or not) and the kids are homeschooling, that changes things. Surely you love your family, but when everybody is there all the time, it can get a little stressful.

And when you got your recent electric bill and saw how much higher it was than normal because of all the juice everyone is using, this probably only added to your stress levels.

The good news that there is something you can do about your rising energy costs, and a few upgrades around your house can make a huge difference. Here are some ideas that can help save you money:

Out with the old bulbs, in with the new

Let’s start with an easy one.

Think about how many lights you have in your home right now. It’s possible that you have a few dozen lamps and fixtures. It’s also possible that they’re using standard incandescent bulbs, but this isn’t the best choice.

Instead, you should be going with LED bulbs. Look, we get it. We know it’s always tempting just to go with the cheaper option when you see regular bulbs next to the more expensive LED ones at the store. But, in the long run, the LED bulbs will save you a lot of money.

An incandescent bulb lasts about 1,000 hours, which seems like a long time until you realize that an LED bulb will last about 50,000 hours. Just a little difference, right?

Even more spots for LEDs

In addition to bulbs, you can also use LEDs in other areas. Under-cabinet lights for your kitchen are an excellent choice for replacing those harsh fluorescent tubes.

In addition to looking better, they can cut energy usage by 80%. You can also get them with a dimmer option. If you use night lights – whether for your kids or perhaps just to have some illumination for those late-night bathroom trips – there are some LED choices that are very energy efficient and will last for thousands of hours.

And don’t forget the exterior of your home; you can get outside security lights with built-in LEDs.

The STAR of the show

With nobody really going anywhere, there’s a good chance that your washer and dryer aren’t being used as much as they normally are. We know how it is when you’re stuck at home, and we don’t judge.

However, the same almost certainly isn’t true with a few other appliances. Let’s face it: Even if you and your kids have been accustomed to a regular snack- and lunchtime schedule, when the fridge and freezer are right there, it’s pretty hard not to take a peek inside every couple of hours.

As a result of more eating, you’re probably using your dishwasher more often. And if your appliances are old, they’re not as energy-efficient as they could be, which is costing you money.

Upgrading to ENERGY STAR appliances can save you quite a bit, as much as 30% on your energy bill. Plus, this will enable you to cut the greenhouse emissions your home produces substantially. In addition to appliances, you can also find ENERGY STAR light fixtures.

For more ways to cut your electricity costs, get in touch with the pros at Universal Electrical Services. And if you already have a project in mind, let us know how we can help. You can give us a call at 954-792-5444 or drop us a line at