It’s possible to have fun with your children, even if poor weather knocks out your home’s power.

Key takeaways

  • Florida sees its fair share of destructive weather.
  • Significant storms can be challenging with kids.
  • Power outages make the situation even more difficult.
  • Planning activities before the storm can ease your burden.

Riding out a major storm in Florida could mean high winds, significant rain, frightening conditions, and lengthy power outages. While this situation is never great, it becomes even more challenging when kids are involved.

Schools and roads will close if a hurricane rips through your area, and keeping your kids calm and happy could prove difficult. You’ll also want to keep your children indoors for a while, even after the storm passes.

The good news is that children are resilient and, with guidance, can adapt to nearly any situation. By developing a plan before storms hit, you can arrange activities ahead of time to prevent boredom. Here’s a look at four clever ideas to entertain kids when a significant storm comes through your part of South Florida.

1. Pretend you’re camping

Camping is an excellent activity for kids because it gets them outdoors away from the luxuries of home. There’s no electricity when camping in a tent, and you might not have access to stoves, electronic devices, or even running water.

You shouldn’t camp outside during a major weather event, but you can pretend inside your home. Have your kids build a fort in the living room with pillows, bedding, and battery-powered lights inside. You could even pitch a real tent in the living room if you have space to make it feel more authentic. Go through your cupboards to find food that doesn’t require cooking to enhance your camping “trip” and create some activities. 

Your children might enjoy playing games customarily played outdoors, and you can set up camping equipment like chairs and coolers. As a bonus, this camping shelter provides an extra layer of separation from the storm if your children are scared of the wind and other outside noises.

2. Have a game night

Perhaps the simplest way to ride out a storm with kids in the house is a game night. You probably have many board games at home, but all it requires a few decks of cards. The great thing about a game night is you can switch entertainment often. You can break out board games when the kids start getting bored of card games, and vice versa. 

Older children might be into playing longer games like Monopoly, too, which occupy much of your night and  pass the time. Make sure you have portable LED lighting or flashlights when playing games; you won’t want candles or other open flames around while children are playing.

3. Set up an activity station

Organizing an area of your home as a craft and activity station gives your kids somewhere for time on their own. It also gives you somewhere to send them when you need time to regroup. This will depend on your kids’ interests, but items could include coloring books, Lego kits, craft materials, Play-Doh, pens, and paper. 

Include various activities to prevent boredom if the storm or power outage extends for days. You might want supplies or activities you want at this station, allowing possible family time together. For best results, ensure these activities require minimal light so they can be played early in the morning or after sunset.

4. Construct stories

Storytime can be a great family activity, especially if you have creative kids who enjoy expressing themselves. Give each child time to develop a story and then designate a time to share it with the family. You can turn this into a full-day activity by having breaks at various times, or come together as a family to share your stories.

If your kids aren’t into making up stories, you can read them stories or have them to read to each other. Books and stories are great tools to stave off boredom while waiting for the power to come back.

Avoiding electrical issues

While there’s no predicting when a power outage will occur, over 25 million Florida residents found themselves without power at least once between 2008 and 2018, the highest number in the entire country. With 21.7 million people living in the state, your chances of experiencing an outage are significant, especially if you live in a coastal area prone to extreme weather. Take steps to plan activities for your kids during a power outage.

Also, consider investing in an uninterruptible power supply for your home. A generator can keep your lights on during a major weather event, ensuring you have lighting and power for your electronic devices. You can still use creative ideas to entertain kids, but having power during and after the storm will make life easier.

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