These advancements can save you money and create a cutting-edge workplace for your staff

Key takeaways

  • Electrical technology is evolving rapidly.
  • This new tech offers significant benefits for companies of all sizes.
  • These advancements save time and money while reducing stress and hassle.
  • Staying up to date on these trends is challenging but worth it.

Keeping up with the latest technology can be challenging; advancements arrive quickly. However, learning about new tech is vital for a business owner because it saves time and money. 

Even if you don’t immediately invest in the latest technology, understanding how it works and the benefits it provides can help shape your company’s future. When the time comes to upgrade your infrastructure, appliances, or equipment, you’ll know what can work your building. 

There’s a learning curve with learning this technology, but reading about it in the simplest possible terms can promote understanding. Here’s a look at the latest trends in commercial electrical technology and information on how they can benefit your business.

Energy-efficient technology

Reducing energy expenditures is a priority for most organizations, and investing in new technology helps you get there. For starters, when it’s time to replace commercial appliances like refrigerators, freezers, and office equipment, opting for Energy Star-rated and other energy-efficient devices makes sense. While Energy Star isn’t new, efficiency ratings continually improve, as do reductions in the amount of electricity used.

You can also install LED lighting with motion sensors throughout the building, limiting the time your lights are on throughout the day. These aren’t new inventions, but they’re easier to use than ever before and becoming more efficient. LED lighting is a trend all to itself that seems like it’s here to stay.

If you’re replacing the windows, low emission options with a coating that reduces the amount of infrared or UV rays entering the building should be a consideration. This feature keeps the workplace cool, so your air-conditioning units and heat pumps won’t have to work as hard to lower the temperature inside your building.

Installing high-efficiency cooling systems also helps. These devices will cost you a bit more up front, but they offer long-term savings while reducing your company’s carbon footprint.

Smart building systems 

Installing smart technology in your commercial space offers many benefits. Smart building automation systems (BAS) are popular because you can integrate them with your HVAC systems, security solutions, and lighting fixtures. These systems automatically monitor your building operations and adjust when necessary, ensuring you don’t use too much energy and your equipment isn’t overloaded. 

Another great feature a smart BAS offers is data analytics. By looking at historical and real-time information, you can identify patterns, predict potential issues, and optimize the entire building’s performance. These systems put much of your energy savings on autopilot. You’ll have to make very few adjustments once you set your goals, creating automatic and immediate cost savings. 

Internet of Things (IoT) devices are another vital component in smart buildings. The meters and sensors on IoT devices you install will relay information on your systems in real time, so you’ll have temperature and humidity data available. From there, you can optimize the climate control in your building to improve efficiency. These sensors are particularly important in server rooms because failing to keep these spaces at optimal temperatures could lead to equipment failure.

Renewable energy solutions

If your organization is serious about reducing energy consumption, looking into renewable energy solutions is an option. Solar power should be at the top of your list; technological advancements make it easier to use.

For starters, energy storage has improved. Investing in large-scale batteries that store a significant amount of energy for emergencies or periods of high demand is possible. Because your commercial property probably has a large footprint, you can generate a considerable amount of electricity via solar panels. 

It’s also worth looking into the installation of a microgrid. A microgrid is an independent energy system that can work autonomously and uses energy sources like batteries, wind turbines, and solar panels. Since these microgrids work independently from the main power grid, you won’t have to pay for electricity if your system produces enough. 

There’s no guarantee you’ll create enough renewable energy through your turbines or panels, so many microgrids tie into the main power grid and can access that energy when necessary. The microgrid trend is just starting to power up, so there’s a good chance we’ll see countless businesses adopting this technology in the coming year

Wireless advancements

Wireless technology is becoming more advanced, and some of these improvements can help you monitor and control your electrical systems while offsite. You can remotely observe your electrical systems and devices from anywhere and don’t have to be onsite to intervene. 

For example, wireless sensors can survey your generators and transformers without being in the building. These sensors let you know when there’s an issue — sometimes you can repair the problem through an app.

Wireless technology ensures you always have all necessary information about your electrical system’s performance. The result is a more efficient and adaptable system that’s reliable and safe for your company and its employees. 

Stay up to date on the tech

Unless you’re involved in the electrical technology industry, staying current on the latest advancements is a tall order. The tech adapts quickly, and although most products aren’t entirely new inventions, the evolution of some existing devices is creating a stir.

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