An energy audit could lead to multiple positive outcomes for your organization

Making your commercial buildings more efficient should be a priority, and completing an energy audit is the first step.

A commercial building energy audit is a multi-faceted procedure that starts with an analysis of your utility bill to search for inefficiencies. It also includes an on-site survey of your commercial property, gathering information on various energy-using systems within the building.

From there, your energy audit will look at the performance and run-time of these components, review the condition of the building, and examine its operating schedules. Interviews with your staff regarding the operation of these systems could also be part of the audit.

Finally, your energy audit might include diagnostic testing, such as looking at airflow, duct leakage, insulation, and how your various heating and cooling systems operate.

The aspects a commercial building energy audit covers depend on the level of audit you’re seeking. Level I audits involve a walk-through of the property, while Level II includes a primary energy survey and analysis. There’s also a Level III audit that offers a more thorough examination.

No matter the option you choose, your organization can benefit from an energy audit. Here’s a look at seven reasons why.

Key Takeaways

  • An energy audit involves inspecting your building’s energy-using systems for inefficiencies
  • These audits bring multiple benefits to your organization
  • Replacing your heating, cooling, or electrical fixtures could become necessary afterward
  • Universal Electrical Services can assist with your commercial HVAC replacement and electrical repairs

1. Reduce expenses

First and foremost, your commercial building energy audit has the potential to reduce your operating expenses each and every month. Of course, how much you save depends on the inefficiencies found around your property and your willingness to address them.

The primary purpose of an energy audit is to identify areas of the building that are consuming too much energy, allowing you to develop a solution to minimize your waste. Cost savings are a by-product of this process.

2. Increase property value

It’s worth noting that the steps you take following your energy audit could increase your property value. If you’re planning to sell in the near future, buyers could be more willing to meet your asking price if you’ve taken steps to make the property more energy-efficient. Having green credentials could increase the property’s appraised value, too.

Buyers could also appreciate knowing where there are inefficiencies regarding the building’s energy consumption before signing a deal, even if you don’t address them prior to the sale.

3. Maximize equipment lifespan

The heating and cooling systems you have in your building will last longer if you can identify any malfunctions and address them quickly. When an HVAC system isn’t functioning at optimal levels, a broken component could be the culprit.

When one component isn’t working, it could force the rest of the system to work harder, leading to even more premature wear. These issues might not be evident from day-to-day use of the system, but an energy audit will uncover them and allow you to develop a solution.

4. Justify upgrading your equipment

If you aren’t the sole decision-maker regarding what happens to your commercial building, an energy audit is a valuable tool that shows other stakeholders why the property could benefit from upgrades. Switching to energy-efficient HVAC systems or upgrading your lighting are good steps you can take. However, if investors aren’t on board with the plan, making these upgrades is a challenge.

A commercial building energy audit provides tangible information to show stakeholders that the benefits of upgrading your energy systems outweigh the costs.

5. Lower carbon footprint

Reducing your company’s carbon footprint is one of the best reasons to go ahead with a commercial building energy audit. Corporate waste is a significant environmental issue, as 100 companies are responsible for 71% of all global industrial emissions.

While it’s unlikely that your company is one of those 100 organizations, doing your part and attempting to reach net-zero water usage in the coming years is critical for businesses of all sizes.

6. Better compliance with federal regulations

Meeting federal regulations on GHG emissions, carbon reduction commitments, efficiency standards, and use of renewable energy is challenging, but an energy audit can help point out where you’re falling short. From there, you can begin to address these inefficiencies and make it easier for your organization to remain compliant.

Compliance with federal regulations could put your organization in line for cash grants and tax incentives, which is another way a commercial building energy audit can be financially advantageous.

7. Happier customers and employees

Some benefits of going ahead with an energy audit aren’t quantifiable, such as how your employees, clients, and customers will feel about your organization when you demonstrate your commitment to sustainability. Completing this audit could be an excellent PR move that develops positive brand recognition as a green company. The result will be improved customer loyalty from those who take green initiatives seriously.

There are benefits for your on-site employees, too, such as improved air quality around the office. Cleaner air improves employee health and morale and makes the workplace a more comfortable location to spend time.

What to do after your commercial building energy audit

After selecting a firm to conduct your commercial building energy audit and receiving your results, you’ll have to begin rectifying any issues presented to you. These problems could result in you replacing your HVAC system, installing an energy-efficient generator, or upgrading or repairing your commercial electrical services. Every audit report is unique, so the steps you’ll take afterward will depend on what your statement reveals.

Universal Electrical Services can assist your organization in addressing issues that come up in your energy audit. We work with some of South Florida’s leading HVAC contractors and can install new thermostats, lighting, and control centers to maximize your building’s efficiency. Contact Universal Electrical Services today to speak with an expert or set up an appointment to receive your free quote.