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Taking charge of every aspect of your business’ power profile is essential to establishing a safe and healthy professional environment. It also keeps the snack dispenser on at all times, and that’s bound to make at least a few people happy. This is where our 2021 archive shines – by condensing and dispensing a wealth of expert electrical knowledge on creating a compliant and comfortable workplace.

These collected blogs are aimed at any industry that relies in some way on people and power outlets to get the job done. This narrows our target audience down to absolutely everybody, particularly business owners, site managers, and IT teams.

You’ll benefit more from some blogs than others depending on what sector you operate in, but every entry will provide food for thought on the kind of electrical know-how that keeps companies of all kinds thriving.

In the collection below, you’ll find recommendations, crash courses, and deep dives on many key power terms and electrical maintenance best practices, including how to tell your UPS from a VFD and how to keep your HVAC healthy in a hurricane. Our experts have gathered tons of advice, tips, and best practice guides to simplify even the trickiest topics and help make your workplace the brightest and best it’s ever been in 2022!

Crucial Tips for Critical Infrastructure

Power cables surging with colorful energy and data.

The blogs below cover essential concerns about your infrastructure itself. Is your data center cool enough to keep the servers from overheating? Can you make your building more energy-efficient? Do you have the right generator and other infrastructure in place to keep critical systems running during an emergency? Read these blogs to make sure your infrastructure is energy-efficient ready for anything Florida throws at it. 

The Pros and Cons of a Lighting Retrofit

7 Tips For Maintaining a Cool Computer Room in the Office

The 7 Benefits of a Commercial Building Energy Audit

5 Ways to Lower Your Data Center Cooling Costs

5 Important Installation Tips for Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Why Choosing the Right Rack PDU Makes a Difference for Your Data

6 Ways to Make Your Office’s Computer Room More Efficient

How to Pick the Right Size Generator for Your Commercial Building

How to Extend Your UPS Battery Life

How Much Does Critical Infrastructure Downtime Cost?

Data Center Energy Basics: Here’s What You Need to Know

Create a Safe Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Checklist

Keeping Current – Residential Vs Commercial Generators

Choosing the Right Electrical Upgrades for a Commercial Building

5 Differences Between Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and Generators

Healthy HVACs and Further Tips on Staying Cool at Work

Cheerful man in a pool wearing a circular floatation device and working on his laptop.

We Floridians (and the hardware and equipment we work with) are willing to forgive a lot provided that sweet, sweet air conditioning keeps flowing. AC is one of those things that, when it stops working, everybody else does, too. This makes it a priority in any workplace but especially those located in high-temperature zones.

The difference between a cool, calm workforce and a sweaty, short-circuiting rebellion can depend on a combination of things, namely proper HVAC installation and maintenance, a killer chiller system, and factoring in that all-important generator. Here’s everything you need to know to keep your onsite temperatures – and stress levels – low.

Water-Cooled vs. Air-Cooled Chillers – Which Is Right for Your Site?

An Inside Look at How Generators Work

Don’t Get Burned by Your Backup Generator

How to Avoid the Dangers of Heat-Related Illness at Work

The Benefits of Installing a High-Efficiency Commercial HVAC System

6 of the Best Commercial HVAC Sustainability Tips You’ll Find

5 Tips For Retrofitting the HVAC System in a Historic Building

A Refreshingly Simple Guide to Commercial Chiller Systems

6 Common Commercial HVAC Pump Problems — and How to Address Them

6 Benefits of Installing a VFD in Your Commercial HVAC System

How Does a Cooling Tower Work?

How to Prevent Data Center Power System Failure

Changing Your HVAC System? Your Electrical Needs Will Change, Too.

But Wait – There’s More!

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You don’t think we’d leave you with the mere collected wisdom of a thousand electrical experts? No way! There’s even more knowledge to cram into your survival bag before you go.

These gems range from universally applicable insights on saving people (and profits) to pearls of regional power advice for hurricane-harried businesses. Batten down the hatches, grab your emergency flashlight, and read these essential guides on prepping, enduring, and staying up and running after yet another tropical tantrum.

Smart Commercial Generator Maintenance During Hurricane Season

Do You Need a Commercial Generator for Hurricane Season?

What to Do This if Your Business Loses Power in a Hurricane

5 Tips for Cutting Electricity Costs in an Office

Workplace Electrical Safety Tips

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