Hurricanes are far from the only reason why you need to protect your business with a generator.

prednisone and costochondritis Thinking you’ve dodged the need for your business to have a generator now that the storm season is over is like deciding it’s okay to ignore the speed limit because you’ve already gotten a ticket. Yes, there’s a higher possibility of outages during the hurricane season, but those six months of the year aren’t the only time you have to worry about the impact of a loss of power – and storms aren’t the only cause.

allegra d 24 hour price walmart This year’s season of storms had a lesson to teach. A hurricane that came ashore hundreds of miles away still managed to devastate the city of Houston. And a direct hit by Hurricane Irma caused surprisingly far less damage to Florida than expected. The lesson? Things seldom go as predicted. How Wilma prepared Florida for Irma

The federal government determined that Hurricane Irma ultimately knocked out power to nearly two-thirds of Florida’s electricity customers. That’s about 6.7 million customers. The good news is that thanks to an army of almost 60,000 power company employees from around the United States and Canada, power was restored to all but 16% of those 6.7 million customers in only 5 days.

Much of this rapid recovery is because of Hurricane Wilma, the 2005 storm that hit Florida, cutting power to 36% of the state’s customers. After Wilma, Florida’s utility companies made significant investments to guard the power grid against future hurricanes. The efforts paid off.

It’s encouraging news. Florida’s residential and business customers have power companies who are prepared and responsive. For hurricanes. More than storms

Look out! Here comes Martha. She’s not a hurricane. She drives a 2014 Chevy Suburban and she just took out the power pole next to your business.

The threats that the annual hurricane season bring may have subsided for the next 6 months. It’s the constantly possible scenarios like Martha that should keep your concern about uninterrupted power top of mind.

Power to your business depends on distribution via the grid. And while its ability to stand up to hurricanes has been greatly improved – with the stats you read above to back it up – there are plenty of other acts of nature that can separate your company from the electricity you depend on to do business. You can’t rule out the occasional act of Martha, either.

watch More than the price tag

Learn from companies who already have invested in business continuity. Whether it’s the installation of uninterruptable power supply (UPS) systems or a generator capable of keeping your business up and running, there’s more than just buying the equipment.

That’s especially true when you purchase a generator. Emergency power on demand may require building permits and zoning approval. Focus on your business and let the experts at Universal Electrical take care of all the prep work, plus the installation of your power generator.