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will flomax get you high Most of the time, we’d all agree that it’s smart to leave electrical work to the experts. So what’s it take to be a master electrician, and what’s the cost of not hiring one?

is prescription motrin the same as over the counter The word “union” has become a hot-button of political controversy – regardless of which side of the isle your beliefs fall into, there are clear advantages of hiring trained IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) electricians.

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For those satisfied with the short answer, here it is: the best reason to hire IBEW members is peace of mind. Union electricians are held to higher standards on everything from training to management.  However, a little bit of knowledge can be dangerous, so here’s a more in depth list of advantages of working with union electricians.

  1. diovan hct 320-25 mg tablet Safety. On average, fires caused by poor electrical work take almost 500 lives and run up about $900 million in damages each year. Union workers are trained by a joint committee of management and labor experts, which means they’re not only capable of higher overall skill quality, they also come onto the jobsite with generations of safety knowledge.
  2. source url Cost-effective. Union electricians receive extensive education and on-the-job training, ensuring electricians can tackle a wide variety of electrical problems and obstacles, eliminating trial and error methods. Cutting out the guesswork is key to getting the job done right the first time. Plus, studies show union electricians are 17% more productive than their nonunion counterparts.
  3. http://tabifa.com/?kj=how-hard-is-it-to-get-a-doctor-to-prescribe-viagra&0cc=e7 Drug free. Stable hands and clear minds are imperative to electrical safety. Member contractors are required to pass the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Drug Free Workplace Program, so when you hire union, you can rest assured you’re hiring sober electricians.
  4. http://timetostay.com/?ras=generic-viagra-online-canada-no-prescription&47d=5f Dependability. Contractors have a bad reputation for not showing up, leaving work incomplete, and customers irate – not when there’s union backing. IBEW provides supervisor and foreman training programs, educating members on how to navigate through, and avoid, pitfalls that can bring progress to a standstill.
  5. levitra gunstig online kaufen Passion. Union electricians hold themselves to a higher standard. They’re more professional and knowledgeable, and they take an almost artistic pride in their work as well as their IBEW membership.

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From new construction to a full, bustling building, there’s never a good time for bad electrical work – or the anxiety-induced lack of sleep caused by wondering if you hired a competent electrician.

Universal Electrical Services staff of union electricians handle every project as if it were their own home, so you can concentrate on the work, not the worker. If you’d like more information on how UES can help make your electrical contracting an insomnia- free experience, contact one of our friendly reps today!