Commercial Electrical Contractor
UES, a commercial electrical contractor, provides superior electrical services for every phase of a commercial or industrial project. From concept and design to installation to completion, servicing and maintenance, our team is made up of professionals licensed and certified in the electrical industry.
Energy Retrofit Services
UES leads the industry in energy retrofit services and specializes in helping commercial energy users reduce energy demand by replacing outdated and inefficient lighting fixtures with the latest in energy efficient lighting technology.
Industrial Electrical Installations
Our experts at UES know the challenges our commercial clients face with electrical installation. Choose UES for any large or small project that requires a commercial electrical contractor with the experience and knowledge to do the job right while making the needs of the business a priority.
Technology Solutions
UES provides a wide range of technology solutions such as systems integration,structured cabling, wireless, video, surveillance and access control services.We are experienced in the installation of data centers and environmental automation controls and upgrades to critical power and computer facilities with emergency back-up systems.
Safety First
At UES we are always aware of the importance of job safety and our commitment goes beyond meeting minimal standards. Our UES professionals take extensive safety precautions and meet the highest industry standards for our customers.
Commercial & Industrial
We make it our number one priority to go above and beyond standard electric services to ensure 100% quality and customer satisfaction. On top of our professional, expert performance and services, we strive to ensure your commercial property is handled safely and to the fullest capacity.
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